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Uranium, nuclear, reactor produced isotopes – unstable industries with poor future

Anne McMenamin      Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA  5 Aug 18   Olympic Dam produces 90 times as much copper as uranium. Without the copper sales, the mine would not be viable. The amount of uranium produced has barely gone up over the last 10 years, and, across Australia, it’s actually gone down. Beverley is almost mined out. Four mile has recently come on line, but produced less last year than the year before. World-wide the industry is winding down.
We’d be far better to invest in industries that are going to grow, and don’t produce waste that needs to be stored for aeons. These figures come from the World Nuclear Association. Unfortunately they don’t give job information. From other sources, BHP announced 470 new jobs last year, but they had slashed 600 2 years ago, and so there’s been a net loss. This is an unstable industry, which will continue to decline, as more countries move away from nuclear power to renewables, and to cyclotron production of medicinal radioisotopes.

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