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Highlights of Australian Government Nuclear Information Session in Kimba

Dave Sweeney, 8 Aug 18  an update of the highlights from last night’s federal agency forum in Kimba:

Between 120-150 people put in three hours in a very cold hall listening to presentations from ARPANSA, ANSTO, DIIS and others then to responses to pre-submitted questions.

As usual there was considerable running down of the clock and unrelated/ off the mark responses – but still a fair bit of interest and use, including:


  • no urgency to move ILW from Lucas Heights – this was clear and repeated – proponent would need to prove need/ rationale and safety case
  • new ARPANSA code has reaffirmed that siting on agricultural land is less preferred (nb: this is guidance, not a requirement)
  • will require two separate license applications for LLW and ILW as they have different requirements
  • 12-18 months further work required on Woomera waste characterisation


  • lots of detailed nuclear medicine/ science application talk – scant explanation of need to move ILW
  • CEO agreed with ARPANSA that current ILW storage at LH is ‘safe’
  • including already returned reprocessed waste returns there is a maximum of five TH81 casks of ILW over the next forty years


  • ‘possible no current site will be selected
  • uncertainty re transport route and use of local ports
  • intention is to amend the NRWM Act to make the community benefit fund larger and more directed by some form of community input – but only post site selection
  • Minister is the sole decision maker and they are expecting some ADJR challenge
  • ballot is ‘Kimba’s last chance’ – there will no further offers or re-visiting if not supported
  • Minister wants to make a decision in October

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