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Insanity of placing a nuclear waste dump in farmland on a flood plain

TURNBULL PLEASE EXPLAIN : Spencer Gulf Cities in South Australia to become Nuclear Waste Central – Nuclear Waste from all over the country (upto 10,000 times more radioactive than uranium ore) will be transported thousands of kms several times a week thru Spencer Gulf cities, roads and ports (Port Pirie, Whyalla and Port Augusta).
Like the rest of the state, people living in the Spencer Gulf region have been SHUTOUT of Turnbull’s Nuclear Waste Dump process – 25million people will be affected as our national highways become Nuclear Waste superhighways and the fate of the whole nation is confined to just 600 people (living within 50km radius of the proposed sites) in Kimba and Hawker who will vote this month FOR or AGAINST a Nuclear Waste Dump in our backyard.
When a Nuclear Waste accident happens (and it will happen), your insurance company will not cover you for Nuclear Waste exposure and you will not be compensated. Turnbull, if the Nuclear Waste radioactivity is like a banana then leave it where it is, but it’s not, is it  Placing a Radioactive Nuclear Waste dump in farmland, or on a floodplain in one of the most seismically active regions in Australia, is pure insanity – a Fukushima moment – when is the next federal election? 


August 8, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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