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Extracts from today’s Webinar about Managing Australia’s Nuclear Wastes

transcribed by Noel Wauchope 10 August 18 

Dr Margarert Beavis : –

“Less than 1% of the total wastes of the nuclear reactor comes from medical use… For Intermediate Level Waste, (ILW) ARPANSA says repeatedly that there is no urgency for a news interim waste facility.  Internationally,  ILW is stored near reactors….

ANSTO is expanding nuclear activities, which will mean massive increases in wastes.

Information about nuclear medicine has been over-blown. It’s very clear that nuclear medicine will continue regardless of the dump”

Cyclotrons are the  fastest growing area of producing nuclear medicine. Canada and UK are phasing in cyclotrons. ANSTO’s massive reactor plans mean not only more ILW, but also massive costs. Selling nuclear medicine gets back only 10% of the costs of managing the wastes”

“for informed consent, people need excellent information. Tours offered to ANSTO, not to Woomera. People told by Bruce Wilson “this site will not leak”

Scott Ludlam

“The argument “that ILW has to be moved – that is contestable.  If it is perfectly safe,as claimed, why the push for moving it far away?  We should not have the process for an interim site before having the process for permanent disposal. Is it a case of ‘out of sight out of mind’ “

“What’s the definition of ‘Broad Community Support’ ? What will you do if both communities (general and indigenous) are not broadly supportive?

The material will be dangerous for 10,000 years. On a politicaland electoral basis- we do have time. You are not letting medicine down if you think that this interim waste dump is not an appropriate thing to do.

Jim Green. –

Reminds about the “-overarching legislation- allows Federal government to override local communities and State governments. Overrides legislation on Aboriginal rights. There’s a need to remove undemocratic aspects of the National Radioactive Waste Management Act” (Bruce Wilson then criticises Jim Green’s ‘very emotive language’)

“About the operation of the facility. It will not be operating all of the time. There will be several dozen jobs over the first 3 or 4 years. .. Wates volume – one truckload every 10 weeks. For 90% of the time, workers would be doing nothing. The fcaility is likley to be opened once every 3-5 years. That was the government plan – it based its estimates on facilites overseas. But they are not comparable, (much greater). At most there’s be a handful of security jobs. (Dr Adi Paterson answered this with an expansive vision of the dump being the centre of a scientific mission, and “a really cool form of tourism”)

Many traditional owners would say that they have been treated disgracefully by the Department”

Dave Sweeney.
it is incumbent on the proponent to demonstrate the need for an activity. There has been no pre-study of the net benefit. The regulator wants 2 separate licenses  – for Low Level Wastes (LLW) and Intermediate Level Wastes (ILW) There should be 2 separate debates. There should be a detailed business case –  We are told that this is an internal matter – a matter for cabinet.

You need to select the pathway (to final disposal) , including the transport route, before selecting the interim waste facility site.  We have 10,000 years lasting wastes, yet the Minister wants a decision on 20 August.  A purpose built national radioactive Waste Facility demands a higher level of scrutiny.”

“Nuclear medicine has been used as the argument, time and time again –  that people who don’t support the nuclear waste dump are not supportive of nuclear medicine”

Sweeney spoke of the”power imbalance” “hard for Aborigines,  for a farmer working 12 hours on a header – to go against detailed information from the State.”

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