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Azark Submission: compares Kimba nuclear waste plan to Spain’s unsatisfactory plan

Submission AZARK PROJECT to Senate Inquiry (submission No 110) Attachment 4  EL CABRIL NUCLEAR WASTE DISPOSAL FACILITY
[ photo on original at Senate submission site] This the facility in Spain being the model adopted for the proposed above ground facility at Kimba or Hawker
The photos are extracted from the public video presentation entitled ENRESA – 25th Anniversary of El Cabril

This is a photo [on original at Senate submission site] of welding the mesh which is then concreted up into bunkers and filled with the radioactive waste material.

Over the years mesh rusts and damages the concrete. We are talking of 300 years so I would be a bit sceptical about moisture or water not seeping in and down to the water table.

The radiation may have dropped to acceptable levels by then but what else may be in there. In the middle of the night all sorts of things are likely to get thrown in the drums before they are sealed, which I have seen in other situations.

This photo [on original at Senate submission site] shows you the material that is to be stored at El Cabril which is very similar to what is proposed for Kimba or Hawker

These two photos [on original at Senate submission site] show the proposed method of covering up the above ground structure at El Cabril when it closes which is similar to the covering proposed for Kimba. The storage building and other contaminated material are covered with sand to help with the drainage and with clay to prevent moisture seeping through together with layers of plastic as additional protection.

This means that no trees with their roots will be allowed to grow for 300 years as the roots will rot under these conditions and the covering may well be susceptible to warrens and other digging by burrowing animals.

This will be just a big rubbish dump that will be there for ever and does not taken into consideration any seismic activity on which Jim Allender can give you much more professional advice.

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