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So called benefits from the waste dump don’t add up according to a new report

Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association RNTBC ARA Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste In The Flinders Ranges  August 20 

So called benefits from the waste dump don’t add up according to a new report.

Down in the Dumps report released today shows that the financial benefits for theAboriginal community do not add up.

Full report here

Indigenous skill training programs are to be $3 million of these funds over the life of the project, yet it is not clear how much of this is double counting necessary training, or is simply a net reallocation from other indigenous
support programs that have had significant recent funding cuts

The new promised community benefit package also mentions “up to $3 million for indigenous skills training and cultural heritage protection.”9 The words “up to” could
be doing a lot of work.

Regardless, the inconsistency of this announcement is revealing when this spending is compared to the size of some of the recent cuts to indigenous support programs by
both the federal and South Australian governments. Some are briefly summarised in Table 2. The “up to $3 million” over three years is roughly the same amount of money
cut from the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council in Port Augusta earlier this year.

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