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Right wing MPs wanted Dutton as PM to exit Paris climate agreement

MPs push for Paris climate exit under Dutton, The Age, By Eryk Bagshaw23 August 2018 Conservative MPs would ramp up the pressure on a Dutton government to exit the Paris climate agreement, opening up Australia to the risk of trade sanctions, stalling negotiations with the European Union and critically endangering relationships with the Pacific.

……..The conservative vanguard, led by former prime minister Tony Abbott and backbenchers Craig Kelly, Jim Molan and Eric Abetz, have been fierce advocates of dumping the Paris climate deal and delivering the Catholic school sector millions in extra funding.

The group has been instrumental in elevating Mr Dutton to within striking distance of the Lodge on a platform of lowering energy bills, cutting immigration and wrestling control of the Liberal Party away from the “inner-city elite”.

They have been aided in their campaign by Nationals MPs,  including former deputy prime minister Barnaby Joyce, who said last week: “People in the Kmart, people in the local pub, they don’t care about the Paris agreement.”

Mr Dutton refused to commit to the Paris agreement when he announced he was challenging Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for his job. “My judgment is that we do whatever reduces power prices,” he said. …….Mr Kelly, a Dutton ally, said there should a full national audit of the impact of the Paris target on the economy.

……..The agreement locks in an emissions cut of 26-28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

Pulling out of it, which can not be done before 2020, would put Australia in breach of international trade agreements, potentially endangering a free trade deal with the EU that is in the middle of negotiations.

Legislation does not have to pass Parliament to exit Paris. A prime ministerial direction to the joint committee on treaties would be enough to remove Australia from the deal.

Robyn Eckerlsey, a climate treaty expert at the University of Melbourne, said it “was a crazy thing” to be considering given the pledged targets are voluntary and there were no formal penalties……

The Pacific Islands Forum is due to be held in the first week of September, where Australia could be represented by Mr Turnbull, Mr Dutton, Scott Morrison or Julie Bishop if there is a party-room vote on Friday.

The landmass of some of the nations attending – including Kiribati and the Maldives – are directly threatened by rising sea levels…….

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