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Misogynist and Cowardly – Australia’s Liberal govt passes the hard jobs on to women!

You would laugh about this, except that it makes you sick!!

The governing Liberal Party is well known to have a bullying and misogynist culture – even the new PM Scott Morrison seems to admit this.

But when it comes to the really hard tasks – they’re all too happy to pass these on to women!

Take the nuclear issue. While State and Federal governments keep mum about the plans to dump stranded nuclear wastes on to the beautiful  Flinders Ranges, they give the poisoned chalice of Environment  Minister to handle such problems – to a woman – Melissa Price.

Ms Price is also selected to deal with climate change issues. (mind you, Ms Price has some background in mining  industries , so she’ll probably have no trouble toeing the masters’ line)

But then – how to explain to the soon to be submerged neighbour nations that we’re not going to do a damn thing about climate change, – nor give any help to climate refugees?.  The solution? Prime Minister Scott Morrison chickens out of Pacific Islands Forum, sending Marise Payne instead, to mouth whatever platitudes her masters have composed.  .


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