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THIS YEAR, news media coverage of Japan’s typhoon ignores danger to nuclear power plants

In previous years, and especially since the Fukushima nuclear catastrophe, journalists have outlined the risks that typhoons pose to nuclear power plants,
But this year, despite Japan’s accumulating radioactive wastes and continuing Fukushima nuclear mess –  mainstream media does not mention the nuclear risk. All part of the propaganda buildup for the 2020Olympic Games, including the lie that the Fukushima nuclear wreck is now safe.
Typhoon Man-yi hits Japan raising fears about Fukushima nuclear plant

Is Fukushima capable of withstanding a super typhoon? , DW 2015  “….. Apart from physical damages to construction equipment, we could expect radioactive isotopes from contaminated surfaces being washed away and transported into the groundwater or the sea. Over the past days, the concentration of radioactive substances in the groundwater has increased significantly at some of the plant’s measuring points and, according to TEPCO, this was caused by the recent heavy rains.
Furthermore, rainwater could seep into the reactor buildings where it might mingle with contaminated water thus increasing the total amount of contaminated water on the site….”

September 5, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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