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Anonymous pro nuclear “engineers” lobbied Canberra ministers and premiers.

Steve Dale, 8 Sept 18  In the lead up to the leadership spill, there has been a concerted push for nuclear power. A letter written and financed (supposedly) by 5 veteran engineers was sent to all Canberra ministers and premiers.

. There have also been a series of articles in the Australian newspaper based on this letter, eg. “Nuclear offers an answer on cost and emissions”

 I was hoping that the article would give the names of the so-called engineers, but unfortunately it doesn’t. From the Australian article –

“The paper, prepared and circulated to MPs as a public service by what is claimed to be “a small group of professional engineers and scientists experienced in various aspects of electricity and distribution” ….
“The claims and costings no doubt will be challenged, but in it we have a contest of ideas.”

The claims and costings can not be challenged if only the Australian newspaper and the cabinet ministers have seen this “paper”. Who knows, the claims and costings of the paper may have excited the pro-nuclear MP’s to the point of losing self-control, running amok, bullying their peers (especially the female ones) and triggering a mutiny.

There seems to be an obscene amount of money being used to promote nuclear. I would still like to see a scan of the exact letter sent to MP’s, but not sure how to achieve that.

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