Dan Monceaux shared a link http://www.radioactivity.eu.com/site/pages/Vitrified_HA_Waste.htm.Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia 10 Sept 18, Some people in South Australia have been given the impression that spent nuclear fuel, reprocessed and vitrified in France, is returned to Australia or other countries as intermediate or even low-level nuclear waste. I’m yet to find any examples of other countries classifying this material as anything other than high level nuclear waste.https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021186047913052/

Steve Dale Here is another country (Belgium) talking about vitrified reprocessed waste returned from France as being High Level Waste (HLW) – 

“The high-level waste is the smallest in volume (1.4% of all waste) but represents 98% of radioactivity in all the stored waste. High-level waste consists mostly of vitrified waste transported back to Belgium following reprocessing in France of used fuel elements from the Belgian nuclear power plants. The majority of the used fuel elements are temporarily stored at the nuclear power plant sites.” https://www.belgoprocess.be/eng/TempStorage.htm

Steve Dale Contrast this with the bizarre things Canavan said about the vitrified reprocessed waste we received back from France (in his interview with David Bevan on 891 ABC Wed 1st August 2018)

“when it comes back here the radioactivity of that material is not
materially higher than the low level waste…” 

“the intermediate level waste, which does not have high radioactivity levels…” .https://www.facebook.com/groups/1021186047913052/