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Flooding Dangers to proposal for Nuclear Morgue in South Australia

Susan Craig   Susan and 4 others are consistently creating meaningful discussions with their posts. .Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 12 Sept 18  There is also some other interesting news regarding Lake Torrens National Park and it’s proximity to the proposed site being outside the site characteristic criteria. 

There are so many evidence based flaws in this proposal that are now percolating to the surface. The AECOM report under Hydrology and Flood Risks Assessment Finding referred ONLY to the floods of 1955 and 2005. The report DID NOT take into account the floods of 1989.
This is the study/report by Flinders University and the Army on the LAKE TORRENS floods of 1989, where flood waters flowed into Spencer Gulf. There have been 5 major flooding events since 1944 and when this happens again, it will be not only devastating for the community and farming in the wake of the floods, but also our Tuna Farming Industry in Port Lincoln, which it will destroy overnight.
HERE’S AN ABSTRACT: “On 14th March 1989 an extreme rainfall event caused record historical floodings in Lake Torrens and in the Pirie-Torrens corridor. The results of a joint Flinders University/Army expedition to monitor these events in which the water level and major ion content of the floodwaters in Lake Torrens were measured over the duration of the flood (March–December 1989), and the volume flow and major ion content of the flood in the Pirie-Torrens corridor which discharged into Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta.”
The risk here is far reaching, not to mention the convoy of road, rail and maritime dangerous radioactive cargo traversing South Australia. All South Australians are part of this, as we will share not only in the catastrophic outcomes in the event of an incident, but also the major immediate effect it will have on our economy, as we see our $8 billion dollar tourism and our $5 billion dollar agriculture industries disappear. There are infinitely better options for a national radioactive nuclear facility. The Flinders Ranges and KIMBA in the very heart of farmland do not provide the right characteristics.…/03721426.2015.1065467…

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