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Adani groundwater bores investigated  amid claims they were sunk without approval

Investigation into claims Adani bores put ‘sensitive one-million-year-old springs’ at risk   by Mark WillacyABC Investigations, -14 Sept 18 

‘The Queensland environment department launches an investigation
into a series of groundwater bores drilled by Adani,
which conservationists say were sunk without approval,
contrary to the miner’s claim it had permission for the works.’

‘Key points:

‘Adani told the ABC it was abiding by the conditions of the Carmichael project’s approvals
‘Conservationists have repeatedly warned that the company’s dewatering plans would see groundwater levels plummet
‘The Queensland Environmental Department said the bores were not in place in time for a recent site inspection’

‘The environmental group Coast and Country has obtained high resolution satellite
and drone imagery which it says shows the “illegal” works at the site
of Adani’s controversial Carmichael coal mine project in north Queensland.

‘”Adani have sunk six dewatering bores,” said the group’s Derec Davies.

“They’ve needed approval, a groundwater approval, for these bores. They don’t have that.

“They’ve drilled into Great Artesian Basin aquifers, they’ve put at risk
our groundwater particularly at a time when half the country’s in drought.” … ‘


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