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Australia’s Minister For The Coal Lobby, Angus Taylor’s false statement about carbon emissions

Claim we’re on track to meet emissions targets is false, New Daily, James Fernyhough, 

Here is what he wrote in the Australian Financial Review on Tuesday:

“[E]missions reductions are the least of our problems, with every prospect we will reach the 26 per cent reduction below 2005 levels ahead of schedule and without interventions.”

This, he implied, justified the Morrison government’s decision to do nothing to reduce carbon emissions, and focus instead exclusively on price and reliability.

But The New Daily looked into Mr Taylor’s claim, and the evidence suggests it is in one sense downright false, and in another seriously misleading.

Let’s address the seriously misleading aspect first.

Under the Paris Agreement, Australia has committed to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030.

According to Mr Taylor’s department, Australia is on track to woefully miss the 2030 target.

On page 11 of this document from December last year, the Department of Environment and Energy projects that if no new emissions-reduction policies are implemented (as none have been), our greenhouse emissions will be just 5 per cent below 2005 levels – not 26 per cent, as Mr Taylor seems to claim.

Mr Taylor’s figures appear at a glance to be off by a massive 21 percentage points……….

The Morrison government has scrapped the NEG – the policy that triggered Malcolm Turnbull’s downfall – and has made it clear it will not replace it with anything.

So we are once more back to where we were – on track to miss all our emissions reductions targets.

Minister Taylor’s office did not respond when presented with the evidence that his statement was false.

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