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Busting nuclear propagandist Harry Degenaar’s ode to nuclear reprocessing

Paul Richards Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 20 Sept 18,  Harry Degenaar wrote: ‘A topic well documented…[speaking to reprocessing nuclear unspent, spent, and weapons-grade plutonium]’

Yes, the documentation in sales brochures, selling a dead technology.

You will never find any independent energy auditing specialists servicing the corporate state or global governments, pushing the nuclear industries;

* well documented, topic.

What are the probabilities this will ever take a 180º turnaround?

If anyone was going to take a bet like that one, they would be wasting their time and money.

Something never considered when these nuclear fuel reprocessing concepts started, as this was purely an engineering process.

Nonetheless, ‘proof of concept’ is very much the domain of good engineering, and that must include economic viability.

The nuclear industry can’t run unspent fuel through any reactor twice, as uranium is getting cheaper and cheaper.

Worse than that, is the reality renewables drive energy costs of electricity down;

* nuclear reactor costs are going up, &
* renewables are going down.

Repeating, this 1970s “Blue Sky Mining” ideal is pointless, despite the partial truth, its a con.

The part that makes it impossible, is economics, the con is believing global markets aren’t judging uranium harshly.

The reality is, it costs far more to run the unspent fuel through once let alone twice, three, four or five times claimed!

I can give a century of ore metrics, but it seems pointless.

What are the probabilities these ore prices dropping will reverse?

Sure there will be blips like we had with iron ore, but those are very tempory factors, short-lived, the trend down is unstoppable, as innovation efficiencies increase in mining.

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