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Flinders Ranges – a top tourist destination – a crazy choice for a nuclear waste dump

TODAYS ADELAIDE NEWS HEADLINE (3rd October 2018): “South Australia’s outback landscapes, such as Wilpena Pound, are attracting domestic tourists.

Staggering, the Flinders Ranges hosting the Jewel in our tourism crown “Wilpena Pound” recently nominated for consideration as one of Australia’s “7 Wonders” is being celebrated here yet as we speak, Scott Morrison (ScoMo)‘s Federal Government is planning to build an above ground National Nuclear Waste Storage Dump within a short drive from Wilpena Pound and the Hawker, South Australia Township.

Our Premier Steven Marshall committed in the lead up to the last State Election that: “A Marshall Liberal Government will not support the building of a nuclear waste repository in South Australia”..”Let’s Aim Much Higher” yet he will not be drawn on this topic. It would seem his Federal counterparts have his measure and have compelled him to silence as it also seems our Tourism Minister, David Ridgway has also been silenced on this matter.

Curiously David Ridgway was quoted in this article as saying: “Our outback landscapes and other assets are attracting 62 per cent of all domestic visits – that’s huge,”

Huge! yet clearly not huge enough to advocate for its protection.

If that doesn’t concern you, we have learnt in recent times that: Project leaders demonstrate little to no knowledge of the life cycle of a TN81 storage canister, ANSTO’s safety record is deplorable, it is proposed to be built within one of Australia’s most seismic regions, on a fault line, on a flood plain, above ground, with national parks either side, neighbouring working farmland, near human habitation, defying traditional ownership appeals to not do this, heck the list for lunacy goes on.

In the light of all this, it would be safe to say Brand South Australia will certainly be swimming against the tide trying to sell one of our great Wonders once it has the NUCLEAR tag over the top of it.

SA tourism: visitors expenditure reaches record $4 billion, Jade Gailberger, Federal Political Reporter, The Advertiser, October 3, 2018   FAMILY and friends visiting South Australians are splashing a record amount of cash and choosing day trips to the state’s iconic regions, new tourism data shows.

SA’s national visitor expenditure reached a record $4 billion, up four per cent for the year ending June 2018.  (subscribers only)


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