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Labor Senator Gallacher joins the Labor-Liberal pro nuclear dance team

Katrina Bohr July 6–  No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia Labor Senator Alex Gallacher made his interests quite clear on Friday at the Public hearing in Hawker.In a conversation, he declared there is no difference between transporting uranium or radioactive waste. He condones the continued export of nuclear medicines, which will feed the waste here.

I felt during the proceedings that he wasn’t showing impartiality.
He made disparaging remarks about certain evidence presented during the day.
I like to know who.

Katrina Bohr   No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia    5 Oct 18   After attending the Public Hearing for the Senate Inquiry into the Site Selection Process, and witnessing what came out of Labor Senator Gallacher’s mouth, I was disgusted. I immediately wrote to the Labor Party office in Adelaide- put in an official complaint, and notified them that I could no longer support them as a member. Apparently he was worse at Kimba. This bloke is not to be trusted, and joins the ever expanding list of Liberal and Labor Politicians who are backing the Waste Dump in SA.

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