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Nuclear reactors DO have a harmful impact on coastal environment, despite the false claims of the Australian nuclear lobby

Paul Richards ‘     Nuclear Fuel Cycle Watch South Australia, 12 Oct 18    Of course none of this has any impact on plants built at coastal locations…” Robert Parker, speaking about release of nuclear reactor’s hot water into sea.

Dismissing this saying no impact is simply, false.

Nonetheless, that fact, is subjective to whether an individual or corporate group values the earth environment in saying: ‘there is no impact’.

Because it is a matter of record there are three major outcomes.

1. The temperature increase in the bodies of water can have serious adverse effects on aquatic life.

2. Warm water holds less oxygen than cold water, thus discharge from once-through cooling systems can create a “temperature squeeze” that elevates the metabolic rate for fish.

3. Additionally, suction pipes that are used to intake water can draw plankton, eggs and larvae into the plant’s machinery, while larger organisms can be trapped against the protective screens of the pipes.

Furthermore, before anyone comes back with a smart comment just be aware these nuclear reactor cooling systems run 24/7, 356 days per year.

Pushing out up to 3.745 gigalitres of water, taking excess heat out of the nuclear reactor system.

3.745 gigalitres = 3,785,411,784 litres per day of heated water is dumped into a coastal ecosystem.

* Based on whose value system, is there ‘no impact’, on the ocean environment from the hot water out of a nuclear reactor?


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