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Push for nuclear power in Australia – it’s all about money

Three key observations from Lazard’s LCOE 11.0 and LCOS 3.0

Paul Richards This whole nuclear push, is promoting nuclear sales channels, by those on the hard right who want to arm Australia with weapons.

It’s about the money.

The green or whitewashing done in this infomercial is pretty transparent to those following the long-term poor viability status of the nuclear industry.

All credit to past bipartisan governments for staying well out of this corporate state promoted 20 Century conventional energy system, as a cover for nuclear weapons production and military support.

The whole nuclear industry has up until the last two decades been the metaphorical “Golden Goose”, giving those in the corporate state, access, nations sovereign wealth, due to the National Security budgets.

Sovereign wealth, for the unaware, is often called national debt. In the case of weapons sales channels, we the people pay indefinitely for this spending.

As for energy production, that is now almost as expensive to produce as solar PV on householders own homes.

The nuclear industry needs funding indefinitely because of the subsidising of all their costs, including the pollution from;

* greenhouse gas emissions

and the vast amounts of

* nuclear waste,

as storage costs, to the voter, the environment, is for all intent an indefinite running cost in both social and financial capital.


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