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Nuclear Power vs off grid homes and installations.

Nuclear Exhaust

The laws of technology life cycle determine that the role of the electricity grid had a beginning, a middle and will have either a transformation or an end.

Probably it will have a transformation, in which heavy power users will be the prime customers dependent upon it.

From about the 1880s the grid increasingly grew in importance and sophistication. Power grids traverse most of Australia. But not all of it.

For many generations, Australians in the bush have had to be grid independent.

Increasingly, as batteries and solar panels both improve and become cheaper, people in cities and towns choose to become largely or totally independent of the grid.

As the AEMO has reported, the cost of maintaining and expanding the grid has become more expensive. Due in part to profit taking from overseas owners of much of Australia’s grid network, and also due in part to loss of market…

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