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Mining industry and union get together to prevent mining clean-up legislation


Have you noticed how quickly Liberal members of parliament jump into the polluting industries ?

The mining industry and powerful CFMMEU join forces on mining reforms, Brisbane Times, By Felicity Caldwell, 9 November 2018 — The Queensland mining industry and a powerful union have joined forces to pressure the state Labor government to make changes to planned reforms that will force miners to clean-up their sites.

Earlier this week, the Brisbane Times reported state government officials were holding daily talks with the Queensland Resources Council over amendments to the Mineral and Energy Resources (Financial Provisioning) bill, amid mining industry concerns about retrospectivity that could affect existing mines, and aspects of a public interest test.

Miners would have to pay, according to risk, into a pool of funds that would be used to clean up land.

It came after it was revealed taxpayers may have to pay up to $40 million in clean-up costs after the collapse of Clive Palmer’s Queensland Nickel refinery in Townsville.

On Friday afternoon, Queensland Resources Council chief executive Ian Macfarlane wrote to all 93 state MPs to say the industry was “deeply concerned” the government’s proposed amendments had the “potential to be retrospective” and would “therefore put Queensland’s multibillion-dollar resources industry at risk”………

The QRC also sent a joint letter with the Construction, Forestry, Maritime, Mining and Energy Union (CFMMEU) to cabinet members, which said the two bodies could not support the government’s proposed amendments………

Earlier, Greens MP Michael Berkman called on Labor not to buckle to pressure and weaken reforms.

“It’s time to pick a side: are you with the mining billionaires or with everyday Queenslanders?” he asked.

“It’s great that cabinet are reportedly considering some improvements, and we would support stronger reforms, but I still haven’t seen any details.”

In September, Mr Berkman wrote to Ms Trad, Environment Minister Leeanne Enoch, crossbenchers and the opposition, asking for support for Greens amendments to the bill, including making “sure no coal mine can ever leave behind a toxic final void”.

“Queenslanders understand that if you make a mess, you should clean it up. There is nothing ‘retrospective’ about that,” he said.

The government amendments were due to go before cabinet on Monday, with the bill to be debated next week.


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