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Media mindlessly parrot nuclear lobby ‘low carbon” nonsense – theme for November 18

The nuclear fuel chain emits carbon all the way through, and I find it extraordinary that journalists mindlessly parrot these lies from the nuclear lobby. Makes you wonder – do the mainstream journalists actually compose the stuff that they write, about nuclear power, or do they just copy the handouts from the industry?

Quite simply, nuclear industry leaders want to get financial help – subsidies, tax credits, from governments that have been duped into believing that nuclear power is “low” or even “zero” carbon.

The also want the “respectability”, public approval,  that comes from being seen as combatting climate change. (even though most were previously in the denying climate change camp).

Anyway – it’s common sense to see that nuclear power is quite a strong emitter of greenhouse gases.  Any thinking non-expert can see that. However, experts see it too. Only one step in that uranium-nuclear chain is low emission – though all nuclear lobbyists claim that this step is “no emission” – the reactor’s operation.

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Kimba property values plunge, following plans for nuclear waste dump there

Zac Eagle Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders  9 Nov 18 

 This is what happens to a property market when a town is going for a nuclear waste dump.

Kimba 28% down in 12 months.

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