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Australia already has cyclotrons, producing medical isotopes with no need for nuclear power

Kazzi Jai   Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 12 Nov 18 
So often we are focused on things when forget to take a step back and reassess the situation……

Hands up those people who know of ANSTO’s Synchotron in Melbourne, which they write is a “major research facility” and “one of the Australia’s most significant pieces of scientific infrastructure”. ANSTO took over operation in 2013. It began operation in 2007 funded by Victorian Government.
According to their blurb…”The Australian Synchrotron produces powerful beams of light that are used at individual experimental facilities to examine the molecular and atomic details of a wide range of materials. The advanced techniques are applied to research in many important areas including health and medical, food, environment, biotechnology, nanotechnology, energy, mining, agriculture, advanced materials and cultural heritage”….

Or ANSTO’s National Research Cyclotron (2011) in Sydney.

Or the MRI-Linac at the Ingham Insitute’s research bunker within South West Sydney’s Cancer Therapy Centre at Liverpool Hospital – patient trials mid 2018.

Or that NT is getting a PET and Cyclotron after much lobbying at the last Federal Election….PET this year – cyclotron next year.

Of course, Adelaide has its own cyclotron in the SAHMRI building operating since 2015, combined with patient imaging through partnership with a private imaging company housed in the same building.

Also remember cyclotrons can produce a variety of different isotopes for diagnostic imaging that are used in medicine – it is not just Tc-99m isotope production….

The world is a-changing…….

For completeness I should mention the other cyclotrons currently in use in Australian hospitals. They are located at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital (NSW), Austin Health & Medical Imaging Australia & Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute (VIC), Royal Brisbane Hospital and Wesley Hospital (QLD) and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital (WA).

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