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City people would care, if the media told them the full facts on nuclear waste dumping

Roni Skipworth Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 19 Nov 18
Being in Adelaide for the last 12 days waiting for an operation.  I have mentioned about the sites being proposed for this stupid idea of a Waste Dump. To my surprise not many cityites know about it and about  the fight we have on our hands for those in Flinders Ranges or in farmland of Kimba.
Another thing most don’t know where Kimba is or don’t care. Many have heard of Flinders Ranges but didnt know where this site is. Too many noncaring people in the city who don’t have a clue what us Country bumpkins are fighting for. I even mentioned drilling in the Bight but like the Waste Dumps they don’t care or want to know. Gee they know how to waste water and we get told to save it, as SAWater has plans to build another desal off Sleaford Bay via Pt Lincoln costing $millions of wasted SA Taxes. It seems to me we are 2 separate destinations instead of being in the same State
Mari Walker Sadly many city folk have no idea – but I’m a city person and have travelled the State and know that a waste dump is a very bad idea – so not all city slickers are dumb bunnies who haven’t a clue! 
Roni Skipworth I was speaking about those I had spoken to .  I do know there are concerned people throughout the city and suburbs just not enough. I feel there are many immigrants coming in with no care factor

 City people care once they are informed of what is going on up here. There has been hardly any media coverage about a pending waste dump in the Flinders Ranges. Please keep talking and informing people about it.


November 19, 2018 - Posted by | General News

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  1. more Don’t Dump on SA rallies in the city needed :

    Comment by Kim Mavromatis | November 19, 2018 | Reply

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