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28 November: Anti-Nuclear Coalition (ANC) delegation to meet with Department of Industry Innovation and Science

Anti-Nuclear Coalition South Australia, No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 22 Nov 18

Anti-Nuclear Coalition (ANC) delegation to meet with Department of Industry Innovation and Science

Support this meeting and protest the national nuclear waste dump outside DIIS offices, 26 Franklin St, November 28 2018 between 12:45 – 2:00 pm.

Last September the ANC requested meetings with several politicians, including state members Koutsantonis and Minister for Resources & Energy Pellekaan.

Koutsantonis initially agreed and a meeting was arranged. It was cancelled at the last moment with no explanation. On the other hand, Pellekaan initially declined our request, but after a protest outside Premier Marshall’s office and a second letter, a half-hour meeting was granted. Five members of the ANC met with the Minister at Parliament House on Nov 14. A report of that meeting will be ready soon.

Federal Minister Canavan was also asked to meet with members of the ANC and he agreed, but in Canberra. Eventually he delegated bureaucrats charged with running the NRWMF consultation to meet three members in Adelaide on November 28.

At this meeting, we will raise the following:
1. How closely have the Federal Minister and the DIIS worked with state counterparts to inform them of plans for the national radioactive dump? (SA politicians, media and the public, generally, remain confused and poorly informed, or wilfully ignorant.)

2. Former Minister for Energy Josh Frydenberg has said that a radioactive waste dump is a matter of “national significance”. We agree. A national dump IS NOT ONLY A LOCAL ISSUE! We will request DIIS organise a public meeting in Adelaide to ensure that state politicians, media and the public also have the opportunity to hear about the proposal and to question the agencies responsible.

3. Where is it located, what quantity and what does the Department of Defence radioactive waste consist of?

4. After several decades of debate and aborted plans for dumping radioactive waste, why is there still no full inventory and no acceptance criteria for the current proposal available? Why should any community be asked to consider hosting a dump without this basic information?

5. Re the “temporary storage” of intermediate level waste (ILW) ARPANSA’s licence arrangement with ANSTO for the current temporary storage of ILW at Lucas Heights is ‘until a permanent repository is sited and built’. Under no circumstances should it be moved to yet another “temporary” site – for up to 100 years, according to the regulator, ARPANSA .

6. How long does DIIS consider is the lifetime of the canisters containing the ILW. What facilities would there be at the proposed NRWMF to re-package the waste should it be necessary?

7. How long does DIIS consider it would take to site and build a permanent dump for ILW?

We consider that the proposal to build a NRWMF in South Australia is illegal under the SA Nuclear Waste (Prohibition) Act.

If you believe that this dump is a matter for all South Australians, be at 26 Franklin St Nov. 28th 12:45

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