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Was Woomera rejected as nuclear dump site, because the plan is to later IMPORT NUCLEAR WASTE?

Tim Bickmore , No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia, 29 Nov 18 Freedom Of Information  released 30 October 2018 to Senator Rex Patrick:

“Defence has a significant holding of radioactive waste awaiting disposal, for which it is legally bound to arrange final disposal under the terms of the ARPANS Act. It is therefore our policy to support the Government’s initiatives in developing a National Radioactive Waste Management Facility in a suitable location. The siting of RWSF outside the Woomera Protected Area would have no compatibility impact on Woomers Test Range activities and is therefore actively supported. Defence is already assisting DIIS, ARPANSA and ANSTO, as a member of the Radioactive Waste Management Inter-Departmental Committee, to drive the development of the National Radioactive Waste Management facility”

Director, Defence Radiation Safety and Environment…/2ed7ca…/AAB6UaL6iCMWFH2dzwv2q4VBa…

Katrina Bohr 1,000 known drums of radioactive waste currently stored at Woomera came to public notice in early 2016. They were graded by ARPANSA and classed as low to intermediate nuclear waste. Earlier this year the 1,000 drums were all classed as low level waste. Sounds like a result to suit purpose. I personally don’t trust anyone involved in the development of the NRWMF.
Steve Dale  “The siting of RWSF outside the Woomera Protected Area would have no compatibility impact on Woomera Test Range activities …” that statement doesn’t say it can’t be in the Woomera area, it is a pretty mild statement, yet the nuclear pushers twist it into being “it must not be in the Woomera area!”. 

This increases my suspicion that they want a location near our gulf/ports/rail so they can expand it into their dream of an International Nuclear waste business.

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