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Concerned citizens of Kimba petition the Senate to remove Kimba site from radioactive waste site shortlist

ENuFF South Australia  No Nuclear Waste Dump Anywhere in South Australia

Australia = South Australia 27 November 2018 In the Senate:

“Radioactive Waste
This Petition of Concerned Citizens of Kimbo District, Eyre Peninsula. South Australia and Australia, draws the attention of the Senate that:

The petition of the undersigned concerned Citizens of Kimba District, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia, draws the attention of the Senate to our opposition to the siting of the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility on agricultural land in Kimba or South Australia, as currently proposed. We are particularly concerned about the risks this proposal presents to Kimba and Eyre Peninsula’s clean and green reputation, on which our export industries rely.

We therefore ask the House to:
Your petitioners ask the Senate work to remove both Kimba sites from the shortlist to host the National Radioactive Waste Management Facility, We request that the Federal Government undertake a proper process to seek the best possible site for disposal of all our Nation’s Waste, where it cannot impact on local agriculture, industry or community cohesion. We sincerely hope that this will allow the Kimba community to return to the harmonious, cooperative and civil community life that existed prior to the introduction of this proposal.
by Senator Hanson-Young (from 1039 citizens) (Petition No. 869)”    Page 38 of the Hansard record.

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