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Kim ABC report: Carr says that Lucas Heights getting full of nuclear waste: the evidence contradicts him

Kazzi Jai Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 8 Nov 18   Heard the North and West ABC news grab this morning regarding Kim Carr saying that…. the current site in Sydney is getting full and a new site has to be found quickly. It is unsustainable as it is and may not get further registration because of it….

This is CONTRARY to the RECORDED INFORMATION from the Senate Inquiry and NRWMF Debate from DIIS, ANSTO and ARPANSA!!

Great time (NOT) for North and West ABC to have a technical fault with their news section for today. Could have tagged a link to their North and West FB page for this comment from Kim Carr…

As Dave Sweeney ACF has said in comment – the Government has only two modes of action – Urgency or Backburner!
Kazzi Jai The thing is…the dump has been on the parliamentary agenda for how long now? At least 40 years if not longer! In fact the first nuclear research reactor began operating at Lucas Heights in 1958 – HIFAR, which then was replaced by OPAL in 2007.
There is NO urgency! And Lucas Heights was built with the intention that they would store their nuclear waste on site! They still have ample room to do so! 

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