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Australia’s credibility on the line at UN climate talks.

COP24 sees Australia walk climate tightrope amid ‘Paris Rulebook’ deadlock, ABC Weather , By Ben Deacon 15 Dec 18 The COP24 Climate talks in Poland have been extended through the weekend, as nations remain deadlocked over how to implement the Paris agreement.

The aim of the annual United Nations conference is to determine what collective action the world takes on climate change. AUDIO: Australia walks climate talks tightrope (AM)

More than 100 ministers and more than 1,000 negotiators from around the globe have been hammering out the so-called ‘Paris Rulebook’ with an eye to defining how pledges will be put into action.

In the thick of it all has been the Australian delegation, which has been walking a tightrope between the Paris obligations and support for fossil fuels.

In a defining moment at COP24, protesters disrupted a pro-fossil fuel event on Monday that had been organised by the Trump administration.

On stage, the only non-American panellist at the event was Australia’s Ambassador for the Environment, Patrick Suckling.

“Fossil fuels are projected to be a source of energy for a significant time to come,” Mr Suckling said.

Fossil fuel event ‘damaged’ Australia’s credibility

The Director of the Climate & Energy Program at the Australia Institute, Richie Merzian, believes Australia jeopardised its influence in the COP process by appearing at the US event.

“Everyone picked up on the fact that Australia was on the panel with the Trump appointees,” Mr Merzian said.

“I think it even made the New York Times and the Washington Post.

“It really damaged, I think, Australia’s credibility here.”…….

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