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To 23 January climate and nuclear news Australia

I promised to find good news. It’s not that easy. But  – Sir David Attenborough says ’Human activity has created a new era, yet climate change can be stopped And, again, I am struggling with the reality that it is nearly, perhaps already is, too late, to stop the progress of global warming. Which makes climate change a more urgent problem than the nuclear threat.

Even if climate change is now irreversible, it’s no time to give up: the effort now must be to slow its progress, and to plan and adapt to its impacts.

Latest nuclear news indicates that Britain’s nuclear dream is collapsing. Japan’s plans for selling nuclear reactors overseas are collapsing. USA is embroiled in nuclear waste problems. Not so in totalitarian Russia and China, where the State runs the nuclear industry, education, and the media, and maintains secrecy about nuclear costs, unsafety, and waste problems.


NUCLEAR Nuclear lobby wants to overturn Australia’s law prohibiting nuclear power. 

ANSTO nuclear waste will compromise safety and security in South Australia.   About nuclear wastes: Ignorance, incompetence and hypocrisy of Dan van Holst Pellekaan, South Australian Minister for Energy and Resources.    Both Liberal and Labor keep mum about South Australia nuclear waste issue.

Ranger mine closure costs to hit more than $800m .

CLIMATE  Australia leads the world in global warming – with the 15 hottest sites.  Australia bakes as record temperatures nudge 50C.   Australia faces ‘new normal’ of year-round bushfires .  Heat in New South Wales – bushfires, health impact, and roads melting.

Canberra aware of climate change, but heatwave adds urgency.  How Canberra can lead the way in cutting carbon emissions to zero.

Fiji PM tells Scott Morrison– Australian coal is killing the Pacific.

Adani still under investigation by Queensland government, over groundwater bores.

Crisis in Australia’s one great river system: climate change a factor.  “Don’t leave Dracula – Murray Darling Basin Authority Water management – in charge of the Blood Bank”.

On NITV A feast of films celebrating indigenous Australia, in leadup to 26 January.

RENEWABLE ENERGY  South Australia’s second big battery goes live, charges up.    Construction begins on 336MW Dundonnell wind farm – one of biggest in Victoria. Northern Territory on track for 10% renewables by 2020, with two new solar farms announced.

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