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To 27 February – Climate and Nuclear News Australia

I’ve tried to find good news – we need it. But, good news, by its nature, is not news. Most people try to behave decently, reasonable. When they don’t – that’s actually unusual , remarkable – and therefore is news. Anyway – here’s a good bit.:

Changing climate change“2040” paints an optimistic picture of the future of the environment, Youtube 2040 teaser

Meanwhile  – New report warns of climate Armageddon in less than 150 years.  New research indicates that world efforts towards climate change targets are likely to be too slow to take effectClimate change bringing crises, population displacement, wars to Middle East countries.  Climate change taking its toll on the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River.

Another good bit?  South Korea offers hope that the Trump-Kim nuclear summit could bring an end to the Korean War.

Meanwhile –  We are closer to a nuclear war than we would like to believe – new smaller bombs make this more likely. Indian and Pakistan relations have again reached a dangerous level.



CLIMATE    Climate and Energy Policies – Liberal/National versus Labor.   Slick talk by Scott Morrison – but the government’s “climate policy” is still pro coal, and not effective against global warming.  Morrison tries to play both sides of climate debate . Legal advice: Government cannot fund new coal plants without parliamentary approval. Climate change protesters disrupt parliamentary question time.

A fearful future for Australia’s one big river system – the Murray-Darling basin.

Law firm AJ and Co to wage war for Adani coal company – as an “attack dog”.  Australia’s democracy is threatened by Adani’s ‘legal intimidation’ tactics against community groups.   Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to back the Adani mine.

NUCLEAR  Kimba and Hawker communities kept in the dark about the dangers of hosting nuclear wastes.  Call to scrap the plan for a national nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia.  Australia’s Liberal govt’s reaction to another earthquake close to planned nuclear dump site – “She’ll be right, mate!”   Are there ANY members now on the Kimba radioactive dump community consultative committee?   Scotland’s Ministers have the power to stop export of nuclear wastes to planned dump in South Australia.

Northern Territory passes law on nuclear wastes, reiterates opposition to NT nuclear waste dump.

Australia participating in the Waigani Convention, – banning import of nuclear wastes to island countries, controlling their transport,

In this time of critical drought, water shortage, South Australia’s govt lets BHP expand its water-guzzling Olympic Dam uranium mine.

Australia increasing protection for whistleblowers, (at least on matters financial)

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Cost-effective, clean, reliable grid: “You can have it all,” says Audrey Zibelman. South Australia Water on path to “net zero” power bills, with 154MW solar rollout.



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Scrap the plan for a national nuclear waste dump at Kimba, South Australia

Facility should be scrapped, Eyre Tribune, AUSTEN EATTS, Kimba, 20 Feb 19,

My concerns are not with ANSTO, I appreciate and am aware of the work that is done there and its value.

My concern is the disposal of the waste that is created in the proposed National Radioactive Waste Facility in the Kimba district.

I realise the need for the waste facility for Australia’s waste only.

 If it is as safe as claimed why transport the waste half way across Australia to become the responsibility of the rural community also when we have so much arid and semi-arid land in Australia.

The site will be here for hundreds if not thousands of years the responsibility of future generations.

I went to the first meeting organised by Rowan Ramsey our federal member, he said it would be low level waste that would be deposited in the proposed site.

The next meeting there would also be stored on a temporary basis intermediate level waste for a time of approximately three or four decades and an offer of ten million dollars and 15 jobs.

Now it is $31 million plus two million dollars every year for at least two years, a total of $35 million, plus 45 jobs.

The storage time for the intermediate waste could be 100 years.

The cost to build the waste facility is estimated to be approximately $200 million.

The 100 hectares of land will become federal government property, our local government, state government and present federal government will have no control over its future use.

The money offered is a bribe to call it anything else is just playing with words.

Regarding the proposed voting, at present between 700 and 800 people in the Kimba district have the right to vote.

The population of South Australia is approximately 1.5 million people.

The voters in the Kimba district will make the decision as to whether not only Kimba or Eyre Peninsula but the whole of South Australia will have a radioactive waste facility whether they want it or not.

It is undemocratic, unfair, the whole proposition should be scrapped.

Eyre Peninsula is a unique part of South Australia, don’t spoil it with a radioactive waste facility.

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Climate and Energy Policies – Liberal/National versus Labor

Libs v Labor: climate and energy policies,

A comparison of the climate and energy policies of the Morrison government and the Labor Party.


– $2 billion boost to the Emissions Reduction Fund over 10 years, rebranded as the Climate Solutions Fund.

– The Paris agreement target for emissions of 26 to 28 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030.

– Renewable Energy Target, to deliver 33,000 gigawatt hours of additional electricity from renewable energy sources in 2020.

– Continuing to fund the Australian Renewable Energy Agency until 2022, and investing  what’s left of the $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation.

– Default market prices for energy.

– Underwriting new generation plan to inject more energy into the network.


– $10 billion for the Clean Energy Finance Corporation over five years.

– $5 billion to set up an independent Energy Security and Modernisation Fund.

– $31 million for an Energy Productivity Agenda.

 45 per cent emissions reduction target by 2030.

– 50 per cent of power from renewables by 2030.


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