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Endless clean-up work at Fukushima nuclear wreck

TV5 Monde 8th March 2019, Japan: 8 years after the tsunami, the Fukushima power station remains a  huge construction site. The immediate risk seems to be averted, but where arduous tasks and unforeseen events continue.
Here are the three main issues:
Nuclear fuel Four of the six reactors at the plant were damaged.  The cores of units 1 to 3 have melted at the time of the accident and it is now known that the fuel has almost completely fallen to the bottom of the primary containment of each unit, which it even partially started.
Contaminated water, waste. The site is teeming with contaminated water, “although the various measures taken have mitigated” the problem, according to Mr. Ono. The water is initially that of the tsunami that ravaged the facilities, water that had to pump, sanitize and store. It is then the one
used to cool the reactors and finally the one that falls from the sky and down the mountain upstream and contaminates the way. However, an underground barrier wall and pumps make it possible to limit the amount of water contaminated by the installations.
About 4 / 5,000 people work on the site every day, almost half as many as four years ago, “because large construction sites have been completed (wall of ice, laying a coating on the ground, construction of various buildings), “says Ono. On average, the exposure of workers to radiation is now less than 5 mSV per year, but this single figure masks the large disparities between individuals according to their tasks.

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