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Australia and the uneconomic “new nuclear” push – theme for April 19,

The global nuclear lobby has Australia in its sights.  And they have a  faithful servant in Dr Adi Paterson and his Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation.  Never mind that Australia has laws against developing nuclear power.  Never mind that as a political ally of USA, Australia shouldn’t be partnering with China to develop nuclear reactors.  Adi’s just signed us up to do that, anyway.

Apart from the dodgy politics of this, the big problem is the DISECONOMICS of new nukes – “Generation IV ” nuclear reactors.

The global nuclear lobby, getting desperate about the increasing financial quagmire of nuclear power, is obsessed with selling nuclear reactors overseas. Russia and China, with government owned nuclear firms, offer other countries huge loans, to buy their product.  The West can’t do this, as the industry is owned by commercial firms, not by the government.

Now the push is on, to develop “new nukes” – “Generation IV nuclear reactors, – and sell them to overseas countries.  AS there’s no market for these reactors, because they’re simply not economic, then the buyer, and the funding developer, must be the government.

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) , (? fortunately) is funded by the tax-payer, (much as they pretend to have a huge future in selling medical isotopes) .  Dr Paterson and ANSTO seem to be a law unto themselves.  Is the Australian government asleep at the wheel?

I mean – let’s pretend for a moment that ethical issues, health, safety, environment nuclear weapons proliferation,  – all those things just don’t matter.  BUT – WHAT ABOUT COSTS?  What about Australian tax-payers money being chucked out at a commercially unviable industry? Omigawd!

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