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Coalition government rejects Clive Palmer’s call for nuclear power for Australia

Clive Palmer’s nuclear power plan for SA knocked back by Coalition, Chris Russell, The Advertiser, March 31, 2019 

A push by the United Australia Party for nuclear power has been swiftly rejected by the Federal Government.

A spokesman for the party led by Clive Palmer confirmed nuclear was on the agenda.

“South Australia has a major energy problem and we, as a party, are discussing nuclear,” he said. “Australia has uranium reserves and nuclear is emissions free.

“Kristian Rees, our number one senate candidate is speaking with his SA candidates and party members on major issues like cheaper power, manufacturing and jobs.”

A planned announcement on nuclear power, reported by the Sunday Mail, was revealed early by Professor Adrian Cheok who quit the party despite being the No. 2 Senate candidate in SA.

The party spokesman said it was “disappointing someone who didn’t get what they wanted leaked confidential discussions”.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor rejected the nuclear call.

“Nuclear power remains illegal in Australia and highly expensive to build and operate,” he said.

The Government has short-listed electricity generation projects that could warrant underwriting — but the program specifically excluded nuclear.

Last financial year, SA generated more electricity than it used, exporting the excess to Victoria.

Wholesale prices were 11 per cent lower than the year before, according to the Australian Energy Market Operator’s report on SA electricity.

Mr Palmer is the national leader but has yet to nominate for a seat. His options include his former seat of Fairfax, on the Sunshine Coast, and Herbert, based in Townsville.

The Senate ticket for Queensland also is unresolved.
A party spokesman said Mr Palmer was expected to be endorsed “very soon”.

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