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Labor’s climate plan 31 Mar 19

Labor has promised to get Australia’s 250 biggest polluting companies to cut their emissions if the party wins the next election.

*Extend the safeguard mechanism to a threshold of 25,000 tonnes of direct carbon pollution annually

* This will capture about 250 of Australia’s biggest polluters.

* Pollution baselines will be reduced over time below current levels, in consultation with businesses

* Agricultural sector is exempt, working towards carbon neutral by 2030

* Energy companies also exempt, covered by Labor’s energy policy

* Steel, aluminium and cement companies supported to remain trade competitive

* Kyoto credits will not be carried over to count towards the Paris target

* Half of all new vehicles sold by 2030 to be electric

* New government vehicles to be 50 per cent electric by 2025

* New vehicle emissions standards for car retailers, electric cars to offset higher polluting vehicles

* Restoring the Climate Change Authority


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