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Climate crisis and nuclear news- Australia

In London yesterday, police arrested 963 people who were part of the Extinction Rebellion climate protest. This movement is continuing, and spreading to other countries. They will also set up a political taskforce to take forward public negotiations with the Government. Climate awareness is gathering momentum.  Still, climate scientists seem unwilling and perhaps unable to talk to the general public, to explain the basic facts on climate change, and the complicating factors, such as the effects on oceans warning, on sea ice loss, on air current changes, on low pressure areas, the polar vortex.  There are two climate scientists who do make this effort. Paul Beckwith has made over 200 YouTube videos, and he does tackle the complicated science in an understandable way. Katherine Hayhoe almost deceptively makes climate science seem simple, and is well known for her entertaining video series Global Weirding.

This newsletter was always intended to inform on the nuclear threat. It’s just that the climate situation is now a global emergency.


NUCLEAR –  Here’s a list of the many Candidates and Members of Parliament who support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Why is Prime Minister Scott Morrison raising the suggestion of nuclear power, knowing it’s illegal in Australia?  Scott Morrison  chops and changes about nuclear power.  Cory Bernardi sulks as Scott Morrison, in election campaign mode, abruptly reverses his support for nuclear power.  Australian Nuclear Association’s Rob Parker continues to make absurd pro nuclear claims.

CLIMATE  ABC’s Vote Compass finds that environment is a high issue amongst voters.  The health dangers from climate change – catching Australia unprepared.

Scott Morrison misleads the public on the costs of Labor’s climate policy.

Adani did not accept key scientific advice.  Documents contradict Minister For Coal’s statement that Adani “accepted in full” changes sought by scientists regarding Carmichael mine.

RARE EARTHS Lynas rare earths corporation still struggling with its tricky problem of its radioactive wastes in Malaysia. Malaysian government insists that Lynas must remove its 450,000 tonnes of radioactive waste from the country. Kevin Rudd, as Foreign Minister in 2011, aware of Lynas’ probable radioactive wastes problem.  In 2011, secret report warned of dangers of Lynas’ rare earth’s wastes in Malaysia.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.    Renewables job numbers hit three-year high – led by Australia’s coal states.  Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to model rapid transition to renewables, quicker exit from coal.  Work begins on Warwick solar farm – University of Queensland’s ticket to 100% renewables. University of New South Wales  looks to solar-powered desalination to help bust droughts.  South Australia Power Networks taps solar to cut dependence on its own grid.  Rooftop solar to add 2,000MW in 2019, another Liddell by 2022.  Woolworths green bond flooded with orders as retailer looks to solar, efficiency .


Earth’s surface temperature steadily rose from 2003.   Extinction Rebellion can act as a catalyst for political debate and change .  Climate action: Invest in low-carbon but not in nuclear . Nuclear power plants in no way designed, or ready for, climate change extremes. “There is no such thing as a zero or near-zero-emission nuclear power plant”.

Climate Change Could Unleash Long-Frozen Radiation.

Debunking All The Smears Against Julian Assange.

EUROPE. More disappointments for Europe’s new nuclear stations– no nuclear future for Europe?

UKRAINE.  Life as a liquidator after the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster.  Chernobyl: How bad was it? .


JAPAN. Japan Atomic Power looks to a big business in cleaning up dead nuclear plants. Japan’s plutonium surplus, its history, and its danger. Japan’s massive task to clean up nuclear fuel pools of Fukushima stricken reactors.  Hazardous removal of spent fuel rods is just one step in the long Fukushima nuclear clean-up.  Japan has a new kind of visa to lure foreign blue collar workers for Fukushima clean-up.


FRANCE. Some consternation in France, as EDF plans to split off its nuclear section.  Electricite de France (EDF) €33 billion debt, and more problems – its nuclear section to be nationalised.  EDF’s Belleville nuclear power plant to continue to have increased monitoring by France’s nuclear regulator.

CHINA.  China gambles on untested “Hualong One” nuclear reactor, and plans for international sales.

RUSSIA. Putin’s new super-dooper longest submarine packed with nuclear torpedoes.  More countries headed to go into nuclear debt to Russia.

INDIA. Dangerous electioneering: India’s Modi ramps up the nuclear weapons rhetoric.

CANADA. Canada’s Came co Corp slow to clean up groundwater contaminated with uranium at Saskatchewan mill.

BANGLADESH. China keen to sell nuclear reactor to Bangladesh – an inflated and costly project.

FINLAND. Finland to start constructing nuclear plant with Russian reactor in 2021 .

ISRAEL. History of Israel getting nuclear weapons.

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