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Australia’s Liberal and Labor Parties on Climate Change – politics theme for May 2019

Federal Election: Whose climate change plan is better?

Shorten’s climate policy and why we don’t need to fear the Coalition’s ‘big scary numbers’   Guardian, Katharine Murphy, 2 May  2019   

Scott Morrison wants voters to think that Bill Shorten is risky and reckless …

What’s the cost of not acting?

what Labor is saying is correct. It’s factual for this reason. Labor has set out the framework of its climate policies: the emissions reduction target, which is 45% (compared to the government’s 26%), and the various policy mechanisms to deliver that result.

But there is a fair bit of fine print missing because Labor wants to consult with stakeholders on final design before attempting to legislate the policy.  …..

until we know the proportion of permits and a bunch of other things we don’t yet know – including what the Senate does to the policy if Labor wins – any number produced would be a guess. …..

Climate change costings that don’t count the cost of inaction are worthless, Guardian, Greg Jericho 5 May 19 We must demand better of our political parties – and there is no excuse for the media either,Just seven months ago the United Nations told the world that we have 12 years to limit the climate change catastrophe. It means that to keep global warming to 1.5C above pre-industrial levels we need to cut carbon pollution by 45% by 2030 and down to zero by 2050. Twelve years. Actually scratch that – now it is 11 years.

Now ask yourself how often that has been raised during this election campaign?

At the start of the 2019 federal election campaign Scott Morrison put out a video where he was all dewy-eyed about the future, saying “the next 10 years are important to everybody at every stage of life”.

And yet not once – NOT ONCE – did he mention that the UN has given us 11 years to do something about a global catastrophe.

No, instead it’s all standard of living and nothingness statements that would get shot down by any decent advertising firm in the first meeting……..

Tony Abbott and his ilk – your time is done….

We need at a minimum a 45% reduction by 2030 and to get to zero net emission by 2050. So parties need to explain what they are going to do to get there and argue why their way is best.

If a party is not even willing to come up with such a path then do not treat them with the respect that “balance” gives them.

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