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After a while, the planned South Australian would by more aptly called “A Nuclear Abandonment Site.”

Paul Waldon  Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 6 May 19, 
“Its a dump.” Kevin Scarce didn’t like the word being bandied about but it’s a dump, a poorly conceived one at that. The waste wont be stored on a shelf so it can be taken off at a later date, it wont be relocated, the nuclear coterie themselves have said they will not monitor nuclear waste after 300 years remembering it is still “active” for a long time after, to me this implies poor judgement, mismanagement, a walkaway attitude, so lets just call it what it is “A Nuclear Abandonment Site.”
However a general dump as we know it or a mine site has to be repatriated, the land reinstate it to what it was, this is the correct way to manage a site, while radioactive material, yes you know “ACTIVE” still has the potential to contaminate to do harm after the government has walked away. Meanwhile, ANSTO still manages to secure funding for their on site dump at Lucas Heights, so ask yourself will the government continue to fund a radioactive dump in the heart of a small SA community, and before you answer look north to Woomera.

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