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Duplicity of the Australian government on nuclear waste dump (“Temporary” means “Indefinite”

Susan Craig Fight To Stop Nuclear Waste Dump In Flinders Ranges SA, 10 May 19, 

I spoke directly with the Department of Industry and Science recently who advised that once the National Waste Management Facility site was selected, they would advance the process of selecting a location for deep geological permanent solution, as the Intermediate Level waste was “temporary.” However, the report attached does not support this, stating that the ILW is “indefinite” and there are no plans for a permanent safe solution, because it can’t be justified and both ILW and LLW will be co-located.
The only safe and ethical ultimate solution is disposal in a deep geological repository. To store the ILW temporarily and indefinitely, in the hope that future generations will come up with a safe solution and furthermore assume they will have the financial resources to implement them is an unethical neglect of responsibility and a deliberate, conscious act to burden us who are alive today and future generations.
Intermediate level waste is 100% lethal. You’ll die in 4 – 5 weeks after exposure and it is radioactive for tens of thousands of years. We have been told that the ILW store was “temporary”. However, we now know it is “indefinite.” See page 65 titled Deep geological disposal.
Susan Craig LINK TO THE REPORT HERE ALSO:…/report_on_public… Roslyn Allen More government lack of responsibilities/pass the buck mentality, also cover up hoping no one will notice.
I wonder how they will feel if one of their children/grandchildren become contaminated in the future due to lack of duty of care to their constituents that voted them in. This reads a lack of care, lack of understanding of the gravity of the situation and a lack of understanding of the time frame.


Kazzi Jai Oh, they will continue to promise “the world” if they can manage to SHAFT the NUCLEAR WASTE ONTO SOUTH AUSTRALIA, SO IT BECOMES SOLELY SOUTH AUSTRALIA’S PROBLEM!!


Lucas Heights is the First to say Not in My Backyard…and they generate over 90% of the non-mining nuclear waste!

They generate it – their problem – particularly after THEY decided to build OPAL – which we did not really need as we had already shown we could access imported isotopes when the reactor was down for months at a time, and our usage has not increased since that time, but in fact decreased!

According to Adi Paterson at Budget Estimates 2017, Australian hospitals use 28% medical isotopes and rest – 72% – are exported overseas (2017 figures).

And they now intend ramping up production from 550,000 doses per annum to 10 million doses per annum – to become one of the leaders in export of medical isotopes!!

Leave the waste there on site at Lucas Heights – they have ample space to accomodate it – they are licenced for many decades yet to hold it – it is safe there, monitored professionally there, and it is secure there. That is the way the world is now heading with nuclear waste – storing it close to the site it is generated – until a solution can be found for dealing with it properly once and for all, which does not involve burying it and effectively abandoning it – which means it remains a liability for future generations to deal with!

Noel Wauchope A glaring example of the duplicity which pervades this entire nuclear lobby push . It is surely aimed at making South Australia a “nuclear hub” for the world. This whole crooked enterprise will make a few individuals rich and famous, while ensuring South Australia a prominent place in radioactively poisoning the planet. more

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