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UK piously espouses climate action, while trying to stifle domestic solar power

Independent 10th May 2019 James Dyke – Professor of Sustainability Southampton Univ. The UK can’t
fight the climate emergency when the Tories are entirely opposed to renewables like solar. The party’s decision to increase tax on domestic solar power shows that its head is still firmly in the sand.

Why does the UK government appear to be intent on frustrating the deployment of solar power? The real reason for this tax hike is that domestic solar has proved too popular. The cost of solar panels have plummeted and people
increasingly see them as desirable improvements to their homes.

The accelerating update of domestic solar threatens to disrupt the UK’s still largely centralised energy grid. It also butts up against seemingly ideological opposition to renewable energy in the current Conservative Party. The decision to increase tax on domestic solar power needs to be considered alongside its support of fracking for gas, billions of pounds of subsidies to continue to pump fossil fuels out of the North Sea, and resistance to onshore wind turbines.

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