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Beware Bill Shorten’s quietly pro nuclear attitude

Yes, Shorten is better than Liberal’s aggressive pawn of big industry , Scott Morrison.  And, more importantly, yes, the Labor Party’s policies are much, much better  -on climate change, renewable energy, along with so many other areas. Indeed, Liberals barely have any policies, other than kow-towing to their corporate donors, and to their far right Abbott-led faction.

Labor has a clear anti nuclear policy, and backs the Federal law prohibiting the building of nuclear reactors, or of any stage of the nuclear fuel cycle, except for uranium mining.  Building of a nuclear waste dump is prohibited, as is the importation of nuclearwaste. However, it does permit the building of a dump for waste produced in Australia.

Bill Shorten has been equivocal about nuclear issues.  I suspect that he would go with whatever policy helped him to pursue his own career.

Both Liberal and Labor have maintained complete silence about the proposed Kimba/Hawker nuclear waste dump.  It’s almost as if the dump idea is just a little plaything of ANSTO’s nuclear archbishop Dr Adi Paterson, nothing to do with the nation.

May 16, 2019 - Posted by | Christina reviews

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