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Australia stuck with pro-nuclear. climate sceptic, government – theme for May 19

The election result was not what was expected. Progressive Australians are still reeling from the shock – of another 3 years of a government whose loyalty is to the fossil fuel industry and to the nuclear lobby.

The Scott Morrison government has no plans, no idea at all, about how Australia might genuinely aim to meet its Paris climate change commitments.

It seems that most Australians were taken in by Scott Morrison’s simplistic message   “I alone can manage the economy, cutting taxes (for the wealthy) is all that is needed” . The message of  Labor and The Greens comprehensive policies did not come across.

A Trump -like victory, a Brexit like victory – grim years ahead for Australia.

The goal of a clean, positive programme for energy, climate, water, and the environment must not be abandoned. Progressive Australians, whether in Parliament, in the Senate, in the media, or in the environmental movement will not give up.

Reflecting on the catastrophic failure of the opinion n polls that consistently predicted a Labor win , I realised the deep division in Australia between the (mainly city-dwellers) and rural Queensland.  We who see ourselves as “progressives” are in general,, followers of ABC and SBS, readers of The Guardian, Sydney Morning Herald, and our friends on social media.  The ABCs “Vote Poll” reflects only opinions of ABC viewers, not Australians as a whole.

The unpalatable fact is that most Australians get their information from commercial TV and Murdoch media. Their realities are the struggle for jobs and just managing from day to day. They simply are not getting the facts.

The challenge for progressive campaigns is to get across the message that renewable energy supplies jobs, while coal is being increasingly automated, as well as other messages on the vital importance of managing water supplies, and of saving our one great river system.  Action on climate change is essential for quality of life in rural Australia –  but this is a message that has not come through to people there.

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  1. So tragic; phasing out all nuclear is the only way to go. Great works, thanks; also, please share 🙂


    In which doings and not doings
    Are done or aren’t,
    Brings life and light to them,
    Or it doesn’t.


    I Totally agree with Warren’s “no” to FOX, with dinos and even some supposed liberals agreeing to participate with Fox in legitimizing the republicans and their collusion through to conspiracy with the Trump organized crime family, it’s more important than ever to draw that line. reality Sayonara.


    Comment by reality | May 22, 2019 | Reply

  2. Reblogged this on As' salaam Alaykem 🙂 Rahim.


    Comment by reality | May 22, 2019 | Reply

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