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Comment from USA on Australia’s election result

Gloria, 2o0 May 19,   Not so much time left. If they start burying nuclear waste and parking Hi level wastein Australia, time to act. You have a very crooked government there. it would not surprise me if they push it through.

Trrump is doing it here. I hope people will act.

Jeffrey St. Clair, an old time antinuclear advocate, now says the nuclear issue is more serious, than the climate issue. It is in America for sure.

The northern midwest, has been flooding around several nuclear reactors in Minnesota, Nebraska, and Iowa where there are nuclear reactors. Many close calls this spring . The ground there is saturated with water.

The same for the south. Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee. 5 feet of water in Houston. Small towns wiped out, all the way to the STP reactor on the coast of Texas.

Hurricane season is starting . Many places with reactors have flooded with high and have high, geound saturation levels. Trump and Perry have gutted supervision, of reactors in the USA. A fukushima event or two here, will effect the whole world. It will effect australia too.

May 19, 2019 - Posted by | General News

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