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MORRISON WOULD RATHER GIVE GREEN LIGHT TO NUCLEAR OVER SOLAR  Noah Carroll8 October 2018 The Prime Minister has become so desperate to find any energy policy he today refused to rule out building nuclear power stations across Australia – including in areas bordering his own electorate.

Mr Morrison today told Alan Jones there is “absolutely no reason why, when it’s economic, we shouldn’t have nuclear power generation in Australia.”

According to a report from the Australian Institute about where nuclear power would be located, Botany Bay, neighbouring Morrison’s own electorate, could be a likely candidate for a nuclear reactor. Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton, the Sunshine Coast and Bribie Island were also named as possible locations.

Scott Morrison would rather put nuclear reactors up and down the east coast of Australia, instead of investing in solar and admitting that renewables are cheaper and cleaner.

This in spite of all the evidence nuclear power is actually much more expensive than renewable energy and would lead to higher prices.

Mr Morrison also seems blind to the well documented safety risks of nuclear power, highlighted by events like the Fukushima nuclear disaster.

Mr Morrison’s bizarre thought bubble confirms the Liberals will support any form of power generation as long as it is not the proven and sensible forms of renewable energy like wind and solar power.

Rather than floating nuclear power balloons, the Prime Minister should end his government’s war on renewable energy — the cheapest and cleanest power available. 

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