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UK’s Times sees environment as a “vote-loser” in Australian election, despite record heat

Times 20th May 2019 The environment could be a vote loser if it is associated only with economic cost. In the Australian election what happened to Tony Abbott was supposed to be a metaphor for the campaign as a whole. In Warringah, the
former Liberal prime minister lost his seat to Zali Steggall, a climate change activist. Australia has just endured its hottest ever summer and storms and dengue fever are turning up in new locations.

This was supposed to be the first election in which climate change was the decisive issue. In the event, the ruling Liberal-National coalition is close to securing the 76 seats needed for a majority in the House of Representatives. The coalition – which has been, to say the least, inactive on climate change – had been trailing for three years and the exit polls handed the victory to Labor, which had run on a programme of higher taxes and lower emissions. In the immediate aftermath of their defeat Labour strategists admitted they did not know what had hit them.

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