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The week in nuclear news – Australia

Nations with nuclear reactors are slowly waking up to the fact that mounting nuclear waste is a global emergency.   At the G20 meeting in Japan,  Japan proposed setting up an international framework for cooperative research into how to dispose of high-level radioactive waste from nuclear power plants. The first meeting on the framework is planned for October in France.

A bit of good news: First UK Supermarket Chain to Eliminate Plastic From Produce Will Save 1,300 Tons of Plastic From Landfill


Silly talk from Sussan Ley, Australia’s Minister Against the Environment.  Pick out the anti-environment statements in Sussan Ley’s spiel!

NUCLEAR. “Chernobyl”s warning: attempts by governments to conceal and manipulate the truthEnergy Minister Angus Taylor contemplates reversing Australia’s nuclear energy ban.  In Australia, support for nuclear power is increasingly marginalised to the far-right. In pro nuclear push, Victorian Liberal Democrat David Limbrick (thick as a brick)  gets it wrong about nuclear power.    Tailings dams at Olympic Dam uranium mine are in the “extreme risk” category.

CLIMATE. Queensland can expect catastrophic heat waves (but then coal is more important than climate, isn’t it?).  Australian government’s own data shows that its greenhouse gas emissions policy is failing. Australia’s Federal and State  governments keen to frack up the land with coal, gas, nuclear. Queensland clears the way for Adani to begin work on Galilee basin “carbon bomb”. All the same, Adani coalmine: minister loses legal challenge on water pipeline assessment.   ‘Stop-Adani’ protest to go global, says Bob Brown.  Adani is not about jobs, and never really was. Australia’s governments keen to frack up the land with coal, gas, nuclear. Adani mining project: Court asks Australian govt to look into public concerns. Anti-Adani protests continue in Canberra.

RENEWABLE ENERGY. Australia has to look forward on energy, says Zibelman: “We have no choice”. South Australia’s stunning aim to be “net” 100 per cent renewables by 2030 Record wind output in South Australia, thanks to “butterfly” effect of failed coal plant. NSW promises details of solar and storage interest-free loans program soon.  Storage is key to NSW government plans, in race to clean energy . Zali Steggall issues call to arms to renewables sector .


Nuclear power is far from “emissions free”.

Escalating collapse of global insect populations.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks, Journalism on trial, Scahill, Hedges, Pilger and more: the charges, the defense, what you can do.s seriously working on nuclear decommissioning system.

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