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The week that has been in nuclear news – Australia

Teetering about on the edge of nuclear war –  that seems to be Donald Trump’s favoured position for the world. Or is it just that he is determined to be the dramatic centre of attention at all times? Trump has just threatened Iran with ‘obliteration’, (hardly something designed to give the Iranians confidence about peaceful negotiation). Meanwhile Trump  received a “beautiful” letter from North Korea’s Kim Jong Un, who in turn received an “excellent” letter from Trump, although actual negotiations between USA and North Korea are at a standstill.  It would be funny, if it were not so serious.

A bit of good news:  ‘Projects For Good’ – This Ingenious Website Makes it Easier to Change the World



Problem of Western Australia’s enormous lithium mining tailings dump.  New explorer for rare earths in W.A. – doesn’t mention processing, or radioactive wastes.

CLIMATE. Sydney Mayor Clover Moore declares city climate emergency .  Climate change bringing sea-level rise to Victoria’s low-lying towns and suburbs.  Environmental groups are now considering a legal challenge To Queensland’s approval of Adani mine.  Extinction Rebellion activists occupy four Australian cities protesting Adani.

Australian States taking the lead on energy policy, as renewable energy generates more Queensland jobs than coal does.

RENEWABLE ENERGY.     Mining industry turns to wind, solar, batteries and hydrogenRooftop solar throws massive curve ball to world’s most isolated grid. Australian Capital Territory ACT looks beyond 2020 renewables target, seals community solar off-take dealGannawarra battery-integrated solar farm – Australia’s largest – officially opened.   Beryl solar farm reaches full output after single month of commissioning.


The Middle East presents a dangerous nexus of nuclear reactors and violence: military action is still an option. “It’s absolutely essential to avoid any form of escalation in the Gulf” – UN Secretary-General Antonio GuterresWorld’s nuclear weapons – fewer in number, but not safer.

Nuclear power to solve climate change? Too many sound reasons against it.

Researchers Find Radioactive Particles from Fukushima or other Nuclear Disasters Could Stay in Environment, Human Lungs for Decades.

The world’s societies on the brink of unmanageable climate chaos. Worrying feedback loop between damaged ozone layer and climate change.


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