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Recent Nuclear/Climate News Australia

It’s hard to stay focussed on nuclear news, as the climate news really can’t be ignored. As always, non European, non anglophone, and poor countries are copping it most – Climate Change is Devastating India With Heat Waves and Water Shortages. But right now, much media focus is on the Northern hemisphere – new heat records being set across Europe, wildfires, heat records in Alaska.

Climate change problems, and effective remedies, are often ignored. Air-conditioning is both a partial remedy, but also a big cause of global warming. Energy efficiency is the single best answer to climate change, but often a neglected one.

On the nuclear theatre- well, it seems to be all theatre – with Donald Trump basking in the spotlight entering North Korea – no actual  negotiation achievement – but then the spotlight itself was the goal. More of a worry is the escaling tension and confusion over Iran, as it builds up enriched uranium, and Europe struggles to keep Iran in the nuclear agreement.

Urgent need for international diplomacy: the world facing a renewed nuclear arms race.

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from the June 2019 conference. Despite Donald Trump, the G20 nations (except USA) are sticking to the Paris climate agreement.


NUCLEAR. Will Scott Morrison repeat John Howard’s mistake, and join in military action against Iran? Scott Morrison backs Donald Trump in getting tough on Iran.

A new book argues that Australia will need nuclear weapons.   Christopher Pyne – Defence Minister in May – Defence Industry Lobbyist in July.      Australia’s escalated defence spending, Christopher Pyne and his convenient advice to Ey defence consulting.

Nuclear enthusiasm from Australia’s right-wing MPs – the triumph of quackery over substance.  Industry Super Australia (ISA) hitches its wagon to the nuclear unicorn.   Energy Users Association of Australia opposes nuclear power: it’s ‘not the answer’.


RENEWABLE ENERGY. South Australia the leader in energy efficiency . States doing heavy lifting on renewables, but NSW and Queensland lag behindRooftop solar rebate reopens to “pent-up” demand in Victoria.



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