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28 July Film Event Adelaide: “The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons”.

Film Event hosted by Womens International League for Peace and Freedom   WILPF_SA
Sunday 28th July 2pm at 99 Osmond Tce Norwood presenting the Premier Adelaide screening of the recently released (June 2019) “The Beginning of the End of Nuclear Weapons”.

This 59 minute documentary film takes the viewer through a brief history of nuclear bombs and the anti-nuclear activism that has pushed to eliminate them ever since their invention, including moving testimony from Hiroshima bomb survivor, Setsuko Thurlow. It moves into a consideration of the humanitarian initiative that successfully challenged the dominant security discourse and the historic steps taken since 2010 to turn the treaty from a dream into a reality. The key roles of the International Campaign to Abolish Nuclear Weapons, who won the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts, and the International Committee of the Red Cross are highlighted. The story is told through interviews with 14 experts in their fields.

Why is it not OK for Iran to build a bomb: but ‘reasonable’ that OZ consider such?
Recent xenophobic pontification by local academe needs to be called out for what it is ~ Warmongering.

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