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Is Napandee, (Jeff Baldock’s property) near Kimba the govt’s chosen site for expanded nuclear waste dump?

Federal Government denies claims it has a preferred site for radioactive waste storage in South Australia, Advertiser, 8 July 19,

A Kimba property is allegedly the frontrunner for a future nuclear waste dump, a source claims – but it’s disputed by the Federal Government which says no favoured site has been picked.

The Federal Government says it is yet to select a favoured site for its proposed radioactive waste facility, rebuffing claims that a Kimba property is the frontrunner.

A spokesman for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science also says the Government is not bound to wait until a court case on the issue is finalised before selecting the best place for the contentious development.

A source close to the project has claimed the waste storage site is now likely to be at least 60 per cent bigger than previously envisaged.

The Government is considering three sites for the radioactive waste facility – two near Kimba and one near Hawker.

A Kimba-based consultative committee is due to meet next month to discuss the project.

The source believes Napandee – a property 25km northwest of Kimba – is the Government’s preferred site and next month’s meeting will discuss revised requirements for the proposed waste site.

“There’s a rumour getting around town that Napandee is the one they’ve chosen and it seems to align with this revelation over the last week that they suddenly have to increase the size of the land from 100ha to 160ha or 170ha,” the source said.

“Whoever gets the site is going to get 70 per cent more money because it’s a bigger parcel.

“They’ve always said that there would be cropping and agricultural trials at the (land) that’s not being used for the buildings. Apparently now the safety regulator has said that is not going to happen.”

Various stakeholders The Advertiser spoke to believed there would be little progress on the project until after a legal challenge was complete.

The Barngarla Determination Aboriginal Corporation took Kimba Council to court in January over its plan run a community ballot to determine the level of support for the dump, arguing it was discriminatory.

Napandee owner Jeff Baldock said the Kimba community was awaiting the court ruling.

“There’s not much happening – obviously things are still ticking along quietly in case it happens,” Mr Baldock said. (Baldock and family at left)

Once a court decision was made “we can get our vote and get on with it”, he said.

Kimba chief executive Deb Larwood said the community was “in a holding pattern” until the case was finalised.

A spokesman for the Department of Industry, Innovation and Science said community ballots were suspended last year because of the court challenge, but the department was also aware “the community would like to see a decision as soon as possible”.

The Government was not required to wait until the court process was complete.

“The National Radioactive Waste Management Act 2012 provides the (Resources) Minister (Matt Canavan) with discretion to make decisions in relation to nominations and site selection,” he said.

“That said, it has been stated consistently that if there is no broad support for the facility then it will not be imposed on a community.”

The Government had no strict definition of “broad support” for the proposed site, which would measure at least 100ha.

That would be determined by a range of factors, including submissions, feedback from the community in meetings, conversations with neighbours and “the results of any ballot if one proceeds”.

The spokesman said it had been agreed the site could include “community-led agricultural research and development” but the exact nature of this was yet to be determined.


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